Take Control Of Your Life And
Do More Of What You Love

The step-by-step plan to
creating a purpose-driven business and
getting support and guidance from experts
who can help you start with confidence
(while still keeping your safety-net)

“We have the choice to use the gift of our life to make the world a better place - or not to bother.”
―Jane Goodall


Meet Michele.

She works as a full-time PR and marketing specialist for a company. A title to which people react with that „Mmm, interesting...”. She has a decent salary and she is pleased to be Michele. She goes on holidays once or twice per year and her parents are quite happy with how she ended up. There is only one issue:

Michele is... rather unhappy.

She doesn’t have that feeling of meaning and fulfillment. She feels like she is not appreciated enough and she’s struggling to find motivation in the work she does.

Michele definitely wants MORE for herself. She feels like she has a lot more to offer and the daily tasks are limiting her in what she could do. She has no real power of decision, because her work always depends on others.

That leads her to frustrations and rather living a life of misery inside herself, despite the successful image that others see.

Waking up in the morning is dreadful instead of inspiring: she goes to work, does her job, while being surrounded by people who don’t really get her.

Michele needs to support herself and her family, so she knows she „has to” work, but it’s been a while since she started feeling like she is not in the right place.

Oftentimes, Michele finds herself dreaming eyes open of having control over her own life and being able to take decisions on what to do, why and how to do it.

She dreams of flexibility that allows her to spend more time with friends and family.

She wants to grow more, on her own terms.

She has a passion and an idea of what else she could be doing, but she’s been keeping it secret, being afraid to share it.

This is why she also feels rather alone, even when surrounded by colleagues.

She cannot help thinking on how she would freely express her ideas and creativity and how inspiring it would be for her to work with people who understand her and who make her feel supported and appreciated.

„I dream of living a purposeful and connected life... I deserve that!”


Michele feels scared to let go. She is confused because she lack clarity and the idea of doing things by herself overwhelms her.

She doesn't want to take the wrong decision or end up in the wrong place 10 years from now.

She has no idea where to start from, who to talk to and what would be the right direction for her.

She starts doing research online, reading about how to start a business. But the more she reads, the more she feel like she doesn’t have the necessary business experience.

Michele lacks confidence that she could actually be doing the things she loves and still support herself and her family.

„Giving up on the financial security feels so scary...”


The idea of taking the leap of faith crosses her mind almost daily.

„Life is too short for staying in the wrong place with the wrong people and I know I have much more to offer. I have to change something. For myself, for my sanity, for my well-being.”


Michele wakes up and decides she will do it: she will take the jump. She will go for the life she’s been dreaming of. She will follow her passions and dreams!

She looks in the mirror and builds up the courage inside, goes to work and commits to saying goodbye.

Her heart is pumping. She can feel the blood flushing through her cheeks and her hands almost shaking...

She goes to her boss and with her breath almost stopping she says: I QUIT!

That’s it - she did it! There are a ton of things going through Michele’s head right now...

„I am scared as hell, but more liberated than I ever felt in my life! Hurrraaaaay!”

The next couple of weeks Michele feels like she is on the top of the world.


„So what if I don't have a plan? I could move mountains and nobody could stop me right now!”

So she starts freelancing and experimenting in order to find her own path. She gets involved in several cool projects that she loves working on.

She works hard and juggles between finding new opportunities and honouring the engagements she took on the way.

Things are going ok for a while, but soon, something starts missing.

Michele starts feeling unhappy again.

She feels like the people she is working with see things differently than she does.

She works too much for too little and she realises there are some missing puzzle pieces in her business plan.

It’s hard for her to have a consistent stream of income and she feels frustrated, lost and overwhelmed.

But she knows she is a smart and capable woman, so she starts buying online and offline courses to learn how to handle things. She reads everything she can and she trades working hours - which could translate in revenue - on learning hours, hoping that she will find the saving solution:

„How to build a business, how to create a marketing strategy, how to find clients, how to measure results, how to build a brand, how to become an expert, how to handle your finances, how to price your products and services, how to, how to...”

But the more she reads, the more down she feels, because there are just too many pieces to be put together. And she is only one person and her family and friends don’t understand her struggle.

She feels like there’s even more that she should be doing and can’t figure what to start with, while still focusing on finding and serving clients.

Instead of feeling liberated and doing more of what she loves, she feels trapped and even farther away from the lifestyle she had imagined for herself...

She always thrived by herself, so Michele feels uncomfortable asking for help from others, because she feels too small and embarrassed to go talk to the ones who are already on the peak of success.

Michele starts having self-doubts...

„What am I doing?

Instead of having more freedom and flexibility, I have less time and I’m feeling more stressed than ever...

What was I thinking to jump without a plan?

This business model is not for me. Who am I kidding? I cannot do everything alone...

And I feel so incredibly lonely and disconnected... but what would I be telling people anyway? I don’t even know where I am going.

What is my purpose? Why am I doing this to myself?”


Michele sits down with herself and decides she will focus on doing training, because that’s what brings her both joy and connection. She also decides that she needs help.

So she makes up a list of topics and goes with it to some friends who had been in business for a few years already, helping people with branding and identity.  

After she explains all the things she wants to do, her friends look at her and say:

„Michele, you need to focus. You cannot do everything.

What do you want from yourself? Where do you want to be, how do you want to live? And who is your ideal client and what is the one thing you can help him with?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you will be wondering with no purpose.”

That very moment, Michele felt more enlightened than ever and all pieces seemed to be put together:

„Now I understand what I need: a clear path to help me focus and expert guidance.

And now I know exactly how I can also achieve all that: by overcoming my fears of asking for help and go find and connect with people who already know the path and who can help me fill in the gaps I cannot see or do myself.”

And so, with the help of her friends, Michele redefined her ideal client and her ideal business model and started pursuing the steps that would lead her back to feeling happy and fulfilled.

She stopped consuming random information and went straight to the point by finding people who would gladly offer their help.  

She started going out of her shell and partnered up with an organization where she had been a monthly speaker for over a year.

She was featured in several national and international publications.

She held several international trainings and started working with clients who understood her approach, loved her and whom she loved working with.

By the end of the year, she was awared Elite Business Woman of the Year.

Michele started feeling alive again and finally happy for living a purposeful life.

Hi, I'm Mihaela Georgescu.
And this was my story.

For me it was hard, but I figured out the way to make it easy for you.

And I am committed to helping you cut through the hustle and build your dreams, without going through the hard times I did.

Because I truly believe we all deserve living a purposeful life, while feeling loved, supported and connected.

I can help you discover your guiding purpose and find the people you resonate with, who can help and support you along the way, even before taking the jump.

So you never feel lost or alone (again).


Click to watch

Irina - who loves having her own business in Translations

Besides the fact that Mihaela is a brilliant professional, who brought a lot of value to my company through coaching on business and communication strategy, as well as training and media relations advice, I see her as a wonderful person, who sincerely wants to help each client max out in all aspects and reach their goals.

Thus Mihaela proved to be a tremendous life and business coach for me! I am very grateful to have chosen to work with her!

Irina - who loves having her own business in Translations

It’s not just me…

Most entrepreneurs end up being unhappy with their work, because they forget their sense of purpose, they choose the wrong business model that doesn’t fit the lifestyle they dream of and they lose authentic connection with people in their chase for clients.


...there was a method to help you figure out your guiding purpose and the right path for you before you even start…

...there would be a way to choose the business model that suits your needs and serves your dreams…

...you could have besides you experts and peers who could help and guide you, so that you wouldn’t feel alone anymore…

Would you trust yourself more?

Would you feel more prepared to start living your dream?

I created a system that will help you figure out the best path FOR YOU. Not somebody else’s.

Your story is unique, so only you can choose the right path for yourself.

Whether having an online business selling seeds or actually doing agriculture in your back yard is the right choice, that’s up to you and only you.

Because as long as you have clarity and the right people besides you, you can do anything you’ve ever dreamed of.

And I’m here to help you through that process of discovery, clarity and connection.

I am absolutely in love with building a business and life that motivates you and inspires others.

And I am ready to share with you the steps that will lead you there.


  • Being constantly connected with your purpose
  • Being independent in your decisions
  • Having the freedom to be creative
  • Being connected with people who believe in you and who support you in your work
  • Planning holidays whenever you want in order to spend more time with your family and friends
  • Working with people you love, who appreciate your work
  • Being able to add your personality into your business
  • Investing in yourself
  • Owning your destiny and waking up committed to your dream

I can help you save precious time you would be spending learning how to become a successful entrepreneur and focus on what is important when starting out.

I will show you, step-by-step, how to find the people who will be happy to help you and contribute to your success and how to connect with them in an authentic way, without feeling small, embarrassed or afraid.

In fact, they will become the ones to encourage you and boost your self-confidence.

Decide today:
You can be happy and do more what you love!

I know how confusion can lead to being stuck.

Not knowing what you want, where you're going or what are the next steps
almost always end you up in failure.

My mission is to empower people in their quest to making the world a better place by helping them get clarity and build a network of people who share their values and who can help them grow.

And I am more than happy to be helping YOU!

I Want You To Succeed!
Because I Know That My Success Is YOUR Success!

But most people spend years trying to figure out the path by themselves...

Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.
We all have 24-hour days.

- Zig Ziglar

That’s when
Do More Of What You Love
falls into place.

DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE is a comprehensive online training program designed to teach people with big dreams and great potential like yourself how to set a clear path to follow from merely having an idea or passion to finding purpose, identifying the best business model, finding people who have the answers and connecting with them in an authentic way in order to ensure success.

Tired of trying to figure it out?

From the foundations of what any entrepreneur should know to effective and extremely practical strategies that will help you get clarity, build confidence and start smart, this course has it covered.

Everything while learning how to connect and succeed with the help of others.

“If The Answer Is Not Within Yourself, It Is Within Others.”

Robert - who loves having his own business in IT

Many aspects of my professional activity required a different approach towards a successful resolution of everyday challenges. Re-calibrating my priorities in order to achieve my targets was extremely important.

Working with Mihaela helped me find the answers to how I can allocate my resources correctly and manage my activities in order to start my own business, while I still had a day-to-day job.

She can bring the clarity you need for any decision that impacts your business.

Robert - who loves having his own business in IT

So how can Do More Of What You Love help YOU?

It takes you through the 3 essential steps that no business can really thrive or be successful without:


#1 DREAM - Find the business model that suits your needs and serves your dreams

“To get more clarity, take a step in the direction of the destination” - Michael Hyatt

You probably already saw a few successful people, who built highly profitable businesses and who seem to be always doing the things you would like to be doing.

And maybe you’ve also seen people who own great businesses, but who no longer have time for anything else.

In both cases, those people have invested years of hard work (and hard-earned cash) to build the businesses and amazing results you see today.

But the difference of owning a business and a business owning them is choosing the right business model from the very start.

The reason why you maybe find yourself wondering which is the right path for you and why you don’t feel like you can apply the strategies you’re reading about is because what works for them might not work for you.

But you can only know what works and what doesn’t after you’ve chosen your destination – one that is aligned with your dream lifestyle.

Only then, you’ll be able to dive into personalized strategies.

And in order to find the ideal business model for you, you need to define a few things:

  • You need to know your guiding purpose and your desired lifestyle

“The reason that most people are not happy is because they are looking to create happiness for themselves. Happiness is external, you go out and you do things for other people and that is what makes you happy” - Mother Theresa

I know you’ve been trying to figure this out on your own, but you still don’t feel like you’re quite there yet.

You hear everyone telling you that there is a way for living a purposeful life and wake up inspired, but you still have no idea how to put all that information together for yourself.

I’ve been there and throughout my long journey I found a way to get to the bottom of it. I helped both individuals and organizations discover their guiding purpose and I can also help YOU do it: step by step.

  • You need to know who you are serving

“Our knowledge becomes valuable only in relation to others.” 

Yes, I know: you can work with anyone. The problem is, the moment you start addressing everyone is the moment when no one will come to you.

Positioning yourself so you’re perceived as highly valuable in the marketplace has less to do with your actual skills and much more to do with identifying where you can have most impact.

But even if you got that figured out, there’s one more problem that causes entrepreneurs to end up being unhappy: working with people they don’t like or who don’t appreciate their work.

That is frustrating as much as it’s eroding on the inside.

And the secret solution stands in emotions. The best (personal) brands are those that people connect with on a deeply emotional level.

And I can help you identify the people who will respect and see you as their ideal option. So that you will always be happy and excited to work with them.


#2 PLAN - Create a well-crafted plan on how to reach customers

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” - Lee Iacocca

If you are anything like the rest of us, you’re probably having a hard time translating your idea into that scary and forever requested “1 minute pitch”.

Or even just finding the perfect message to put on your website or in that presentation you would send to a potential client.

Truth is, it can be a pain in the ass (pardon my language). I hate how people always become salesy when talking about what they do, which only does more bad than good to their image.

I also know how it feels not wanting to miss saying anything from the valuable things you do.

Truth is, in order to really get people’s attention, as well as to make them relate to your purpose, communicating your idea skillfully is key.

And for that, you need to go through two major steps:

  • Translate your product or service into what the client wants to hear

“If you just communicate, you can get by. But if you communicate skillfully, you can work miracles”. - Jim Rohn

This is the number one thing people fail to do and the reason why we sound salesy and more like trying to convince people, instead of making them want whatever we have to offer.

The key here is understanding not only what the client wants, but also how you can fit into their world. Do More Of What You Love will help you identify these aspects, so that you know exactly how to formulate your message and take it out into the world with confidence.

  • Create a short and powerful pitch that will help you get both attention and help

“Communication leads to community, that is, to understanding, intimacy and mutual valuing.” - Rollo May

“What do I say? How do I make it memorable? How to get people curious? How to transmit EVERYTHING in just a few sentences?”

The key here is to find a unique approach, while making sure people not only understand what you are offering, but also become curious for more.

After listening to hundreds of people tell their pitch, I broke down the anatomy of everything you need to say to make yourself stand out and create interest from people.


#3 CONNECT - Build a network of people who will help you succeed

“We all learn by mistakes, but it’s better to learn from other people’s mistakes.” - Warren Buffet

I’m sure that at least once you’ve asked yourself “how do others do it?”.

It’s funny how we appreciate or admire other people for their knowledge or skills, but we never think of asking for their help. Or how we feel embarrassed or afraid to do so.

In business, there is no overnight way to building success. The only shortcut you will ever have is people.

People who can help you, who can share their story, their struggles, their success, their methods, their tips – so that you can avoid wasting time on wrong paths and follow the already tested road that gets you to the destination faster.

Look at it this way: Developing strong relationships is like building a bridge from where you are to where you want to be.

There are 2 key aspects you need to master in order to build a strong network that will truly make a difference in your success:

  • You need to identify the right people in your case, who can help, support and guide you towards success

“Strong people don’t put others down. They lift them up.” - Michael P. Watson
“The only mistake you can make is not asking for help.” - Sandeep Jauhar

Not everybody can help you. Not everybody will help you. But most importantly, not everyone is a good fit for what you need. In order to really make use of the power of a network, you need to know exactly who are those people you need to connect with - those people who can really lift you up.

Why? Because building connections is a process that needs investment and if you don’t start early on or if you do it with the wrong people, you can end up wondering why you’re not getting the results you want or why you’re feeling lonely despite your efforts.

Your friends will never entirely understand your entrepreneurial journey. Meaningful relationships with people who not only get you, but also have the power to guide you is a priceless competitive advantage.

And for that, the questions you first need to answer is “What am I powerless to help myself with?” But in order to truly get to the bottom of it, you will need one more thing. Which takes me to the next step:

  • You need to connect with confidence and authenticity

“If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.” – Milton Berle

Let’s face it: simply knowing who you want to build relationships with is not enough – you need to be the one who takes the first step.

If this already sounds scary to you, that’s perfect! Because it means you already understand the importance of it.

Starting a conversation with the people who know something you don’t or whom you admire can sometimes be so much of an “unknown field”, that you start making up tens of scenarios in your head on how it could or could not work.

What this leads to? Not doing anything at all. When you don’t know what to do, you do nothing.

I want to show you how to build connection bridges with those who can help you validate your business and who can open doors for you.

The advanced communication training that no one ever gave you.

I will shift your mindset in such a way that you will need to never feel fear of connecting with anyone, no matter your level - or theirs.

Wouldn’t that be amazing?

Alina, who loves having her own business in Interior Design

I am authentic, sociable, but I am also a very shy person, and Mihaela has taught me that shyness can be a positive thing. I learned to be more open, curious, to focus my attention and discourse towards the people I interact with.

Now I am the one to start the conversation and I feel this as a huge step for me, as my business involves interacting with new people all the time.
Thank you!

Alina, who loves having her own business in Interior Design

Once you have all these 3 aspects in place, all you’re left to do is...
celebrate yourself!

“The more you praise and celebrate in your life,
the more there is to in life to celebrate.”
- Oprah Winfrey

There is no real joy without a moment of celebration, is there?

Learning how to celebrate success is what will keep you going, what will help you go out there for more and what will give you the confidence to really take your destiny in your own hands.

(Most entrepreneurs don’t take the time to really appreciate their work. So even if they are doing well, they end up being exhausted, wasted or even totally energyless.)

When you celebrate, magical things happen.

But missing any of the pieces can end you up in a lot of confusion or struggle.
Having a strong foundation is what will help you thrive.

Don’t follow the path I did. Be smarter: learn from my mistakes!

[ Dream.Plan.Connect. ]
Is 3-Part Comprehensive Online Course,

Comprised Of 10 Easy To Follow Modules, Accompanied By
Dedicated Step-By-Step Worksheets To Help You Design
Your Own Success Canvas – All Included In The Package

Course Curriculum



MODULE #1: SETTING THE RIGHT ATTITUDE - Starting with the mindset of a winner

  • The key mindset principles that will keep you happy (and sane) as an entrepreneur
  • The cornerstones of business success

MODULE #2: WHY - Gaining clarity on your guiding purpose and dream lifestyle so you never get lost

  • How to discover the driving purpose behind your business idea (that will make people want what you have to offer)
  • How to define your goals - the right way
  • Creating your dream lifestyle vision (aka the key to happiness)
  • The secret that will keep you succeed



MODULE #3: WHO - Finding your dream niche that makes you love your work and helps you with positioning as an expert

  • The counterintuitive method to finding your dream niche
  • The key things to keep in mind when choosing your niche
  • How to create the perfect profile of your ideal client
  • Top easy methods to gather relevant information about your ideal client

MODULE #4: WHAT & HOW - Reframing your idea into value and deciding the best business model that suits your needs and serves your dreams

  • Understanding people: the one strategy that attracts customers without being salesy
  • The simple diagram to figuring out the value of what you will actually be selling
  • Best business model: how to decide the best way to offer your product or service
  • Biggest mistake entrepreneurs make when pricing

MODULE #5: THE PITCH - Transforming your idea into a natural, easy-to-understand pitch, that people will resonate with

  • Most common elevator pitch mistakes
  • The anatomy of a great pitch that makes people want to know more
  • The 2 Vs that will help you easily convey your message to anyone
  • Tips to keep it natural and authentic



MODULE #6: SMART NETWORKING RECIPE - The smart way to identify the people who will help you succeed (today and in the future)

  • The step-by-step formula that will help you find the right people for your business
  • Top 12 types of people you will want to connect with (and how they can help you)
  • The easiest and most popular places where to find the right people for you
  • Key aspects to have in mind when doing research

MODULE #7: BUILDING BULLETPROOF CONFIDENCE - The ultimate mind shift to overcoming fears of connecting with people (even if you are an introvert or a shy person)

  • Understanding where fears are coming from
  • The CIA Attitude formula to overcoming fears and mental blocks in connecting with people
  • The single most important thing you need to focus on
  • The best 20 ways to help and become valuable to anyone

MODULE #8: HOW TO CONNECT – The approach that will help you authentically connect with anyone

  • What you should always be focusing on to immediately create connection
  • How to position yourself in the conversation to make people resonate with you
  • The key tips that will help you easily build a meaningful conversation
  • How to use your pitch effectively

MODULE #9: THE FOLLOW-UP STRATEGY – The step-by-step process to keep people besides you and make them want to help you

  • The meaningful follow-up strategy that works
  • How to ask for help and get it
  • The easy-to-use follow-up system
  • How to put everything together

MODULE #10: CELEBRATING SUCCESS – Living the life you want: how to keep yourself happy and connected

  • Why celebrating yourself should be planned
  • Ways to celebrate success and nurture your relationships
  • How to plan celebration


As If That Isn’t Enough To Make You Rock,
I Included Some Crazy And Irresistible Bonuses
To Help You On The Way And In The Long Run!

BONUS #1 - Access To An Online Support Group (PRICELESS)

  • You will be part of an exclusive Facebook group.
  • I know feedback, support and accountability are key to succeeding, so I will take the first step for you in creating a supporting network of like-minded people, who you can share ideas with, who can give you feedback and who can encourage and lift you up when you lose motivation.
  • Oh, did I mention I will be there to give you personalized answers? 😉

This is exactly what I am using for my business and when helping clients with their marketing strategy! - Mihaela

BONUS #2 - The Secret To Getting A Constant Stream Of Clients

  • Why most entrepreneurs struggle with finding clients (and what you can do to avoid the trap)
  • The 3 conditions that determine people to buy anything
  • How a sales funnel works (for you)
  • The one tested system that helps you go through the sales phases with ease and build consistent income

This mini-course is perfect for helping you change the way you think about working, taking breaks, delegating, as well as how much you are charging for your time. - Mihaela

BONUS #3 - MINI-COURSE ------------> How To Master Time Management (As An Entrepreneur)

  • How the brain works and how you can use it to your advantage
  • How to write down goals and tasks, step-by-step, in order to maximize chances for success
  • The 4 key aspects you need to consider when getting down to work - and how to manage each of them
  • How to do more in less time (even if you don’t have a team)
  • The secret to increasing your productivity with ease
  • How to manage your time and yourself in order to avoid stress, exhaustion and burnout
  • How to calculate how much your time is worth
  • The 5 Rules For Happy Productivity

About the Author
Cristi-Emanuel Opris is highly passionate about business systems. He grew a 2000+ members community, helping entrepreneurs Control and Grow Profitable small online businesses that Simply Work, without the owner being always there.

Now you can have his step-by-step system, that every business on Earth is build on, and apply it right away. You will start seeing your business as it really is, stop being overwhelmed and get all the tools needed for your business and profit growth.

GUEST BONUS! - MINI-COURSE ----> Don’t work for your business. Let your business work for you

  • Why and how to create a business machine that will produce the results you want
  • The 4 systems in every business (including yours) and how to use them successfully in order to take control of your business
  • The most important numbers you must know and grow in your business to have higher profits
  • 15 leadership and team strategies, so the business machine will actually work, even when you are not there
  • How to create a business based on clear procedures to avoid chaos, frustration, feeling overwhelmed, forgetting on postponing tasks
  • Why and how to create multiple streams of income to make sure your business makes enough money, even in hard times

"Cristi is an optimist, in love with people, looking for a spark of good in everything. He loves helping people grow their results." - Mihaela Georgescu

The Course + Bonuses...


If you’re looking for great value to help you create a roadmap
to building your own business that will help you
do more of what you love, while getting expert guidance and
without giving up your safety net (just yet),

will give you just that!

So here is what you get:

  • Instant access to the online course (so you can start TODAY)
  • Lifetime membership (so you can always come back to what you need)
  • Flexibility to follow through according to your own schedule and time
  • Practical video modules with examples and step-by-step instructions on how to fill in your own worksheets
  • Dedicated worksheets for each module, built in a logical, easy-to-follow sequence
  • I value your time, so each worksheet has an estimation of the time you need to complete it (so that you know exactly how much time you need to invest for each step and plan accordingly)
  • A specially created Course Canvas, to help you gather all key information and put it in a visual format that gives you clarity at a single glance
  • Posters with key ideas, so that you never get lost or forget essentials
  • Comprehensive curriculum – you get everything you need to build a super strong foundation
  • No previous experience is required to follow through the course
  • Designed to help you understand and apply everything even after you finish the course – it’s a course you can always come back to if you need extra reference
  • Online community for support and networking
  • Feedback and advice from fellow students and from me
Catalin - who loves having his own business in Movie Production

I felt that Mihaela offered me very useful advice on how to build my business from the very beginning. But not just with strategies, but with something much more important: with the manner in which I should treat my business, how I should think and act. She managed to change my vision for good and for the better.

She helped me clarify different aspects of my life and I reached professional performances which I was only dreaming of, but had no idea how to fulfil them.

She has a nice way of explaining and the feeling you get is that you are talking to a friend who wants (and knows how) to help you. I know that following her advice will help me reach everything I set for myself. Because she won’t take an “I don’t know” for an answer – with her help you start understanding and knowing your next step!

Catalin - who loves having his own business in Movie Production


  • You enroll in the DO MORE OF WHAT YOU LOVE training course
  • Within seconds, you receive instant online access to the course
  • Access includes: videos, dedicated worksheets, posters with key-ideas, specially created Course Canvas, access to the online Facebook support group and other Bonuses
  • You can access all modules at once, so you complete the worksheets and go through the videos at your own pace
  • You start learning - from anywhere!

It's that easy!